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July 2015

The City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) issued Geology Report Approval Letters for ...

November 2014

After reviewing geologIcal and seismic data submitted for consideration during the public comment period, the California Geologic Survey released the official map showing the Earthquake Zones of Required Investigation in the Hollywood Quadrangle. The new map format combines Earthquake Fault Zones, Liquefaction Zones, and Earthquake-Induced Landslide Zones.

August 2014

In a public hearing, the State Mining and Geology Board recommended that the California Geologic Survey consider the data from Group Delta's investigations which found no evidence of active faults at four sites in the vicinity of the Capitol Records building in Hollywood.

Stephen Testa, executive officer of the State Mining and Geology Board, stated that there appears to be "a lot of strong evidence" that an active earthquake fault is not present as indicated by the California Geological Survey's proposed zoning map. "You know what you see" said Testa, "and there was no fault or faulting deposits in those trenches that were observed".

The new investigation reaffirmed the conclusions of the previous investigation that there is no evidence of any active fault at these sites. Based on the comprehensive and exhaustive studies conducted at these sites which yielded no evidence of faulting, the California Geologic Survey is being asked to revise the Hollywood Fault AP Map when it is finalized. (The preliminary map shows the approximate location of an active fault trace running through these properties.)

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U.S. Geological Survey, General Information Product 15, 2005


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